5th Avenue Lofts

5th Avenue Lofts Condominiums in Minneapolis, MN

Address: 401 N 2nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55401

Front Desk Phone: 952-277-2700

Management Company: FirstService Residential

Management Company Phone : 952-277-2700

Current Condo’s For Sale

Are you looking for a condo community in the highly sought after Warehouse District in Downtown Minneapolis?

Do you want to couple out of this world amenities with immediate access to all of the North Loop’s attractions?

If so, the seven-story high-rise condo community 5th Avenue Lofts could be your new stomping grounds!

Located just a block north of Washington Avenue on 5th Ave, the condo community finds itself right in the ultra-popular North Loop area and within walking distance to the Mississippi riverfront which is home to many parks and trails.

5th Avenue Lofts is great for urban-loving professionals due to the quick commute to downtown offices and availability of some of Minneapolis’s finest restaurants and bars!


5th Avenue Lofts have some of the top shared amenities for their residents. Below are some of the perks available to owners.

  • An enormous 2,000 square foot community room
  • Fitness center
  • Two shared rooftop decks
  • Security system
  • Onsite caretakers

Unit Styles Available

5th Avenue Lofts offers one, two, three bedroom units. A handful of the one and two bedroom configurations include a den. All units have amazing 10 foot high ceilings, pillars, hardwood floors, and granite countertops. The size of units varies from around 1,200 square feet all the way to 3,000 square feet.

Browse all available 5th Avenue Lofts condo listings and contact a Pro Team agent to schedule a showing.

Pet Policy

  1. Common, domesticated house pets such as dogs, cats, fish or birds (“permitted pets”) may be kept by an Owner or Occupant in his/her Unit, subject to the Declaration and these Rules and Regulations. No other animals may be kept anywhere on the Property, including the Commercial Units. Birds, fish and other household pets (other than dogs and cats) shall be kept in appropriate cages or tanks within the Owner’s Unit.
  2. A maximum of two dogs or two cats, or one of each, may be kept in any Unit.
  3. A pet must be housed and maintained exclusively within the Owner’s Unit, except when under the direct control of the Owner or other handler. Outdoor pet enclosures of any type are prohibited. No pet may be left unattended outdoors.
  4. Owners are responsible to pay for any damage to the Property caused by their pets, and are obligated to hold harmless and indemnify the Association, and its officers and directors, against any loss, claims or liability arising out of any act of the pet.
  5. Permitted pets are not allowed to relieve themselves on the Property, except within the Owner’s Unit in the case of cats or animals customarily kept in enclosures. Solid waste left on the Property must be promptly disposed of by the pet’s owner or other handler.
  6. Permitted pets may be walked on the Property only in accordance with local leash laws.
  7. Any repeated or prolonged disturbance by a pet, such as noise, odor, waste or threatening or nuisance activity, will be cause for imposition of a fine on the pet’s owner and/or the removal of the offending pet from the Property by the Board. The Board’s decision concerning the removal of a pet may, upon written petition of the pet’s owner, be appealed to a vote of the other Owners at a meeting of the Association; provided, that the pet’s owner must pay the cost of calling and holding the meeting.
  8. The pet owner is responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by the pet and shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Association, and its officers and directors, and other Owners and Occupants, from and against all loss, damages and liability of any kind arising out of any act of the pet.
  9. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no rules shall be imposed which restrict the keeping of a qualified “service animal” for a disabled or handicapped person in violation of any applicable state or federal statutes, regulations or rules; provided, that the service animal shall be subject to the same behavioral rules as other pets.

Leasing Procedure

Section 2 of the Bylaws authorizes the Board to require all Owners to register certain information with the Association. In order to further ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all residents of Security Warehouse/5th Avenue Lofts, the Board believes it is necessary to establish reasonable procedures for registering residents and maintaining records on an ongoing basis as residents move in and out of the Building. It is also important that the Association establish controls with regard to residents who may have had a prior history of disruptive behavior in earlier residences and/or who have been convicted of crimes which involved threats to personal safety or to property. Accordingly, the following Rules apply to Owners who lease their Units, and to their lessees.

  1. The term of the lease must be a minimum of three months and no more than twelve months in length.
  2. The entire Unit (not individual rooms or spaces) must be leased, unless the Owner contemporaneously occupies the Unit.