The Basics of Marketing Your Home

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Robust marketing techniques are essential for selling your home. The aim is to advertise the listing through as many mediums as possible, or as many that your budget will stretch to. If you market your home well, you’ll reach more buyers and sell your home quicker. It may even net you a higher price if it’s a seller's market.

If you work with a real estate agent you can ask them how they plan on marketing your home.

Here are the basics of marketing that you’ll need for selling your home.

Great photos

Great photos may not sell your home on their own. But they can certainly create interest, and that’s what you need to get viewers through the door. Your real estate agents can book a professional photographer to take photos of your home. A few good shots should be used for your online and print marketing material.

Getting your home ready for the photographer requires cleaning, decluttering and staging. Don’t forget finishing touches, like vases of fresh flowers, plumping cushions and turning on the lights. If you want terrific photos, then it’s a good idea to use a professional stager.

Remember to tidy up outside, especially the front yard. Mow the grass, trim the bushes, paint the fence. It will all be reflected in the photos, and curb appeal is a must for attracting potential buyers.

Drone photography may also be an option if you’re situated on a large acreage, near a park, the mountains or the ocean. This can showcase the surrounding neighborhood in a way that traditional photography can’t capture.


A signboard out the front of your house might seem, but it works. It automatically notifies the neighborhood your home is on the market and captures people doing drive-bys in the area. Signage doesn’t have to be fancy to garner attention. A large photo, catchy blurb and clear agent contact details will generate phone calls.

Online/Print Advertising

Most online listings are free, and your marketing package should include listing your home on the top ones. This is where you’re likely to receive the majority of your interest. Smartphone property apps notify people as soon as new listings are added and make it easy to browse and save favorites.

Print advertising can also be an excellent way to reach buyers if you live in a more rural area or have a local newspaper.

Email newsletter / Flyers

Your agency should have a database of buyers to whom they regularly send out email newsletters. This is a cheap and effective way of notifying potential buyers that your home is on the market. Clickable links should direct them to the website so they can find out more information.

A flyer drop using paper or cards is also an easy way to notify a lot of people in one go. It’s especially useful for selling your home in an apartment building. Often there are renters in the building who may be interested in becoming owners.

Open Houses

Open houses are a crucial step in marketing your home. Most people won’t buy a home from viewing photos or a video alone (though you should include a virtual tour if you can). That’s why it’s so important to create a buzz with photos, flyers, and emails so that you can get as many buyers, agents and brokers through the door as possible.

If you use all these tips for selling your home, you’ll be in an excellent position to expect an offer, maybe even multiple offers. Happy marketing!