When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home In Minnesota?

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Traditionally the best time to sell your home in Minnesota is in the Spring. For buyers, the warmer weather makes house hunting a pleasant experience, and you as a seller can present your home and garden at its best.

Let’s look at some more reasons why these months are the best time to sell a house in the Twin Cities, and how to determine if you’re ready to list your home.

Increased Daylight Hours

While houses do sell in Winter in Minnesota, most people balk at the thought of driving around to open homes when it’s dark and freezing outside. That’s why when the Spring thaw appears, so do the house hunters. More extended daylight hours makes it easier to fit in multiple open homes in one day so that viewings can get quite crowded.

Flowers Are Blooming

Spring makes homes look better because of all the blooming flowers, green grass, and budding trees. Spring is the time of year when your backyard will be on show just as much as your house. If you have a garden then spending some time to mow the grass, weed flower beds and tend to the plants is well worth it.

Flowers and shrubs can also give your home excellent curb appeal, so use them to your advantage. It only takes two keen buyers to start a bidding war and drive your house price up.

More People Relocating

Warmer weather means more people on the move, whether it’s relocating for a job, changing schools or just swapping locales for a change of scenery. For sellers, this section of the market is gold as they’re often willing to pay more if a home comes up that they love within their timeframe.

Families On The Move

Spring and Summer also attract families looking for new homes before the school year begins. Moving cross-state to a different school is difficult for kids so parents will typically look at buying in late Spring or early Summer to make the transition easier. If you live near a school, then make sure to mention this in your marketing.

Not Ready to Sell in Spring or Summer?

But you don’t have to wait until next year if you’re not ready to sell. As mentioned, there will always be a buyer for your home in the Minnesota real estate market, even in the depths of Winter. Selling in Fall and Winter can also work to your advantage as these months are less competitive and your house will stand out more.

Determining The Right Time To Sell

Asking yourself these questions will help you decide when is the best time to sell your home.

  • Is your house market ready? If it needs paint touch-ups and repairs, then you shouldn’t rush into listing it just yet.
  • Do you know your asking price? You need to do your research before you list, so you’re not underselling or overpricing your home.
  • Are you willing to lower your price? Flexibility on price can be the difference between selling quickly and waiting for months for the right buyer.
  • Do you have time constraints? Factor in your personal needs and plans, so you give yourself enough time to list and sell your house. Your house may be on the market for three months or more, even if it is a great deal.

In summary, the best time of year to sell your home in Minnesota is Spring or Summer, but this also has to be the best time for you and your family. Rest assured that even if you list outside of these two seasons, the right buyer will come along.

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