Calhoun Place

Calhoun Place Condominiums in Minneapolis, MN

Address: 3131 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Front Desk Phone: 952-277-2700

Management Company: FirstService Residential

Management Company Phone : 952-277-2700

Current Condo’s For Sale

Are you looking for a condo community in the always desirable Minneapolis neighborhood of Calhoun-Isle?

Does being within walking distance to both the lake and the Midtown Greenway sound appealing to you?

If so, the 107 unit mid-rise condominium building, Calhoun Place, could be your new home!

Located just north of The Minikahda Club, the condo community finds itself right in the ultra-popular Uptown area, and within walking distance to lake Bde Maka Ska, Whole Foods, Wakame Sushi, Chipolte, and My Burger.

Calhoun Place is great for Uptown loving professionals with its quick access to both Downtown Minneapolis and Uptown. Calhoun Place is also a bikers dream with its immediate proximity to the Greenway!


Calhoun Place has some amazing shared amenities for their residents. Below are some of the perks available to owners.

  • 24/7 building security
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Sauna
  • Rooftop deck patio
Browse all available Calhoun Place condo listings and contact a Pro Team agent to schedule a showing.

Pet Policy

  1. All pets to be kept on the premises must be registered with Management Team.
    The form and acknowledgement of separate receipt of this pet policy must be completed by homeowner at the time of possession of their unit, or at time they obtain a pet. All dogs must receive a dog tag and provide their license and vaccination records. See Management Team for copies of the pet policy.
  2. All dog owners will be required to complete a pet registration form annually and pay an annual fee of $150. This fee will be pro-rated if a move in or pet ownership falls outside the annual registration date. Dogs will receive a Calhoun Place Dog tag that must be displayed at all times or the homeowner will be fined.
  3.  Domesticated common house pets such as dogs, cats, fish or birds (“permitted
    pets”) may be kept by an Owner or Approved Non-Owner in a Unit, subject to
    these Rules and Regulations. No other animals may be kept anywhere on the
    Property. Birds, fish and other small common household pets (other than dogs
    and cats) shall be kept in appropriate cages or tanks within the Owner’s or
    Approved Non-Owner Occupant’s Unit.
  4.  A pet must be housed and maintained exclusively within the Owner’s or
    Approved Non-Owner Occupant’s Unit, except when under the direct control of
    the Owner, the Approved Non-Owner Occupant or other handler. Outdoor pet
    houses, shelters or enclosures of any type are prohibited. No pet may be left
    unattended on balconies or elsewhere outdoors, or in the garages.
  5. A maximum of one (1) dog or two (2) cats, or one (1) of each, may be kept in any
    Unit. Two (2) contiguous Units combined into one (1) Unit will be considered
    two (2) Units for the purpose of this policy.
  6. Permitted pets may be walked on the Property only in accordance with local
    leash laws. Owners and Occupants must immediately pick up and dispose of
    waste left on the Property by their pets. Pets are allowed on private patios and
    decks. Please do not allow your pet to urinate or defecate on them.
  7. Owners are responsible to pay for any damage to the Property caused by the
    Owner’s pets or the pets of any Occupant of the Owner’s Unit, and are obligated to hold harmless and indemnify the Association, and its officers and directors, against any loss, claims or liability arising out of any act of the pet.
  8. Any repeated or prolonged disturbance by a pet, such as noise, odor, waste, or
    threatening or nuisance activity, may be cause for imposition of a fine on the pet’s owner and/or the removal of the offending pet from the Property, at the
    discretion of the Association. Association decisions concerning the removal of a
    pet may, upon written request of the pet’s owner, be appealed to a vote of the Owners at a meeting of the Association; provided, that the pet’s owner must pay the cost of calling and holding the meeting.
  9.  Notwithstanding the forgoing, no rules shall be imposed which restrict the
    keeping of a qualified “service animal” for a disabled or handicapped person in
    violation of any applicable state or federal statutes, regulations or rules. Service
    animals should wear visible tag, card, vest, jacket or other reasonable disclosure that they are a service animal. Additionally, they are subject to the same behavioral standards as similar types of pets.
  10. Dangerous animals are prohibited on the Property. A dangerous animal includes,
    but is not limited to: (a) any animal which attacks a human being or domestic animal without provocation; (b) any animal with a known propensity, tendency,
    or disposition to attack’ unprovoked, to cause injury to or to otherwise endanger the safety of humans or other domestic animals; or (c) any animal declared by an animal control officer to be a dangerous animal under applicable law.
  11.  All dogs must only enter or exit the building through the lower level of the
    building. No entrance or exit through the first floor is permitted. Each owner(s) is responsible for the actions of all other persons residing within or visiting his/her unit and shall be subject to disciplinary action or a court action for injunctive relief, or any remedies available for the violation of this Section.

Leasing Procedure

  1. All leases shall be for a term of at least six (6) months (subject to waiver by the Board for emergencies or highly extenuating circumstances) and leases of Units shall specifically exclude customary hotel services such as food and beverage service, maid service and laundry, linen and bellhop services;
  2. No more than twenty percent (20%) of the Units (excluding mortgageowned Units) may at any time be non-Owner occupied Units held for leasing;
  3. Parking Stalls and Storage Lockers, and unless occupied by the Owner, the Units, may only be rented in their respective entireties;
  4. All leases shall be in writing, and provide that (i) they are subordinate
    and subject to the provisions of the Governing Documents, the Rules and
    the Act, (ii) any failure of the lessee to comply with the terms of such
    documents shall be a default under the lease, and (iii) the Board shall
    have the right to terminate the lease and to bring an unlawful detainer
    action to remove the tenant from the rented space. Upon request, the
    Owner shall deliver to the Association a true and complete copy of the lease and all amendments, modifications, renewals or extensions thereof;
  5.  No Unit may be subleased.
  6.  Any owner found to have an illegal renter will be charged $1000 per
    month until the illegal renter vacates. (Nov. 17, 2008)
  7.  Any owner who has the privilege of renting that falls behind in any payment
    such that the attorney sends a 30 day demand letter followed by a 10 day
    demand letter shall lose the privilege to rent immediately. (Nov. 17, 2008).
  8.  Any owner who is on the rental waiting list that falls behind in any payment
    such that the attorney sends a 30 day demand letter followed by a 10 day
    demand letter shall lose the privilege to rent immediately. (Nov. 17, 2008).
  9.  Any owner who requests to be added to the rental waiting list must be
    current on their association account. (May. 18, 2009)
  10.  Any person newly eligible to rent is allowed 6 months to secure a renter and
    a lease. At 6 months and 1 day if a lease is not secured the next person on the
    list will receive the opportunity to rent. The original person who did not
    secure a lease within 6 months will retain their position on the rental waiting
    list. (Aug. 1, 2010)
  11.  The resident/owner must notify management and submit payment in
    advance of any move taking place.