Loop Calhoun

Loop Calhoun Condominiums in Minneapolis, MN

Address: 3116 W Lake St, Minneapolis MN 55416

Front Desk Phone: 952-277-2700

Management Company: FirstService Residential

Management Company Phone : 952-277-2700

Current Condo’s For Sale

Do you want to live in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis on the Midtown Greenway?

Are proximity to nearby amenities, walking and biking trails, and access to outdoor recreation facilities a top of your wishlist?

Look no further than Loop Calhoun condominiums for your condo search!
Located in the Lakes & Southwest neighborhood of Minneapolis, Loop Calhoun is within walking distance of shopping (Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, MGM Wine and Spirits), restaurants (Tin Fish, Urban Eatery, Chino Latino), and recreation (Alcott Triangle, Bde Maka Ska North Beach, and Lake of the Isles Park).

Loop Calhoun is just a couple minute commute to Downtown Minneapolis and has quick access to many of the major metro highways!


Loop Calhoun has some of the best amenities for their residents. Below are some of the perks available to owners.

  • Rooftop deck
  • Access to biking trails and walking paths on the Greenway
  • Heated underground parking
  • Clubroom
  • Conference room
  • Fitness center
  • Common area Wifi

Unit Styles Available

Loop Calhoun is a five-story building offering units between 950 square feet all the way up to 2,500 square feet. Each unit provides contemporary, open floor plan interiors. Hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, stunning Italian Valcucine kitchens, and luxury bathrooms with soaker tubs.

Browse all available Loop Calhoun condo listings and contact a Pro Team agent to schedule a showing.

Pet Policy

  1. Only domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, small birds, and small caged domestic animals such as a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, or ferret are allowed. Only one dog and one cat allowed. The Board has full and final authority in determining which pets will be allowed pursuant to this regulation.
  2. Breeds of dogs known to be aggressive or vicious, including, but not limited to, Akitas, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit bulls, are specifically prohibited. Breeding of any pets is prohibited while they reside at Loop Calhoun.
  3. Animals waste must be picked up and disposed of properly and immediately.
  4. Whenever outside of residential units, dogs and cats must be leashed and under the direct control of the owner or another person able to control the animal.
  5. Residents must keep their patios free of animal waste. Although pets are allowed on private patios, homeowners should not allow their pets to urinate or defecate in these areas, or leave the pets unattended.
  6. Any disturbance, excessive noise, or noxious odor caused by any pet will be cause for action by the Board to remove the offending pet from the property.
  7. Upon receipt of a detailed written complaint from a homeowner and upon confirmation by the Board, the owner of an offending pet will be provided written notice of the complaint and will have an opportunity to meet with the Board prior to its enforcement of a pet-related regulation.
  8. Any homeowner or occupant who violates a pet-related regulation is subject to fines and sanctions as set forth in a hearing with the Board of Directors. The Board must give appropriate notice of such violation to the pet owner. In addition, any owner who violates this covenant shall be subject to all legal remedies available to the Association, Board of Directors, and all other owners as declared in the Declaration and Bylaws.
  9. Pet owners shall assume full responsibility for personal injuries or property damage caused by their pet and shall be responsible to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Association, Board of Directors, and the other owners against loss, damages, claims, or liability of any kind related to their pet’s actions.

Leasing Procedure

Any Permitted Occupancy shall be only pursuant to a written lease and addendum to lease signed by the lessor and tenant which meet the following items:

  1. Lease is for a minimum term of 12 months.
  2. Lease and addendum to lease states the names and addresses of all occupants who are to occupy the Residential Condominium Unit.
  3. Lease and addendum to lease states that the occupancy by the occupants(s) will not be in violation of any code, ordinance or law.
  4. Lease and addendum to lease states that neither the tenant, nor any of the occupant(s) have been convicted of a felony during the last five years for crimes against property, or assault, battery, rape, criminal sexual conduct, homicide or other crimes against persons.
  5. Lease and addendum to lease states the name and address of the last three residences of the tenant and the stated occupants, and that none have any Background of Residential Disruption.
  6. Lease and addendum to lease states the signatories to the lease have received a copy of the Rules and Regulations in effect, are familiar with and will abide by these Rules and Regulations, and will be subject to sanctions for violation.
  7. Lease and addendum to lease states that the lease may be terminated with 30 days written notice from the lessor or the Association in the event of any violation of the Rules and Regulations.
  8. The written lease and addendum containing the statements required, and a $75.00 nonrefundable processing fee shall be delivered to the Association no later than ten days prior to any proposed occupancy of a Residential Condominium Unit. The Association, directly or through its Management Company, shall take those steps reasonably necessary to verify the statements and assurances set out in the lease or addendum and inform the potential lessor within said ten days whether the statements and assurances have been verified as not true.
  9. For purpose of the Rules and Regulations, the failure to deliver the written lease shall be treated as if the required statements were verified as untrue.
  10. In the event any occupancy has commenced as a Permitted Occupancy, it may become a Prohibited Occupancy subject to the provisions hereof at such time as:

1) The Management Company finds that any of said statements or assurances have become untrue or have been breached;

2) The Management Company has notified the lessor (or sub-lessor) and occupant that the Management Company will seek a determination of violations and sanctions pursuant to the Association’s Rules and Regulations;

3) Such a determination has been made and the Association determines that the circumstances are such that the termination of the occupancy is the appropriate sanction; and,

4) The lessor has failed to take those steps necessary to lawfully terminate the occupancy.